Our Core Values


Our vision is for all East Africans to be able to meet their own economic, social and resource needs sustainably – now and in the future.


Our Mission is to establish and empower a sustainable movement of East Africans building a sustainable future.


To improve people’s wellbeing while preserving Swahili cultural heritage and natural beauty, we support our local partners to find and adopt appropriate new, sustainable ways to interact with the environment.


Collaborative, locally driven, appropriate solutions, social enterprise, empowering local culture.

The Founder of our NGO, Sustainable East Africa (SEA), is Nell Hamilton, who has lived…

Nell Hamilton

I first visited Zanzibar in 1989, and then worked with the Tanzanian Media Women’s Association…

Rebecca Maguire Rebecca Maguire

For the past 3 years volunteers from Deutsch-Tansanische Partnerschaft (DTP) have joined us for a…