For the past 3 years volunteers from Deutsch-Tansanische Partnerschaft (DTP) have joined us for a full year. Young people from Germany come to Zanzibar on a cultural exchange via the Welwerts programme, staying with Host Families, volunteering with environmental NGOs, and really getting to understand the reality of life in Zanzibar. On their return to Germany, they are able to act as cultural ‘Ambassadors’. Their contributions because of their grasp of the language and culture has been a great boost for the activities of SEA.
Julia Mitze and Teresa Abel (2017 – current)
Elli Stahl and Johanna Stein (2016-17)
Nele Kloenhammer (2015-16)

Julia Mitze (right)
Hi! Nice to welcome you on the blog of Sustainable East Africa. I am Julia from Germany and as I am on Zanzibar for a while I will be one of the authors of this blog.
I am a nature-lover. All my life I have been passionate about horse riding and swimming. I enjoyed going for a long ride through the forests and fields around my home village or swimming in the public swimming pool beneath the open sky. I think it is one of humanities most important tasks to preserve the natural environment that we all benefit from.
Now that I finished my Bachelors’ Degree I set out for an adventurous time on the island of Zanzibar. Living in a host family I get to learn a lot about this exciting culture that is so different to what I am used to from Germany. During my stay on Zanzibar I will try to experience as much of this island’s nature and culture as possible.
Sustainable East Africa combines my biggest interests environment and arts through its two main partners Cultural Arts Centre Zanzibar and Vikokotoni Environment Society. That’s why I am thrilled to have the possibility of participating, meeting inspiring people and groups, finding out about interesting initiatives and sharing my experiences on this blog.

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