Cultural Arts Centre Zanzibar

Cultural Arts Centre

Through the Cultural Arts Centre, Zanzibar (CACZ), local artists and craftspeople from all over the island can receive training and sell products. CACZ focuses on selling locally produced artwork and handcrafted souvenirs made from sustainable materials in Zanzibar hence even artists and artisans from remote areas can profit from the centre and thereby from ‘the tourist dollar’. By doing so the CACZ plays a leading role for community development and environmental responsibility. Their mission is to provide a space where local artists and artisans can develop, exhibit, discuss and sell their art – strengthening local sustainable arts practice whilst developing local and international audiences.
Products include baskets, cushion covers, soaps, carvings, items made from recycled materials, jewellery made from recycled paper beads, soda cans and sustainably-farmed pearls, and much more.
CACZ aims to become a wholesale vendor, supplying sustainable, locally-made souvenirs to hotels around Zanzibar.

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